Appetite grows upon what it feeds. Once you get a bonus it suddenly turns out that the list of expences is about two time longer than usually. Everyone wants to save up, but not everyone succeeds. What’s the secret behind it?


Set a budget and do not overrun it. As simple as it is, acting accordingly takes discipline and sacrifice. It starts with planning your weekly menu and food shopping lists. A detailed strategy and list of all the purchases that need to be done. Do not let emotions make decisions here. Just because something is cheap – it does not mean it’s a bargain. Once you add up all the “inexpensive” little gadgets you bought spontaneously make a nice little sum in the end.

Creatures of habits

The journalist, Charles Duhigg in his book entitle “The Power of Habit” shares what habits are related to some good consequences in different fields of our lives. It turns out that making your bed in the morning helps us keep our inhouse budget in check. Lesson to learn? Make saving money your habit. Work on your stamina and discipline.