Since 2015, when Apple released their Apple Watch we can see a growing interest in those wearable computers. As any new technology on the market, they are supposed to make our lives easier.


A Smartwatch does seemingly look like any other watch. However, the traditional ones lack in many functions the electronic version have. One of the imperative functions of the device is informing the user about the time – but they do so much more. They have a touchscreen, which is a cool feature in itself. They also can connect to our smartphone, which means that we get access to our messages and contacts even if our phone is located in our backpack or a bag – through a little accessory on our wrist. All the fitness lovers are going to love this gadget! There is a function of step tracking, which comes in very handy if we want to keep track of how we have walked each day. When using maps the new versions can even tell you if you are going in a wrong direction!