One of the most popular topics which lately has been under discussion on YouTube, is widely understood nutrition. The users are often uploading their so-called ‘food hauls’, which means that content creators are sharing their groceries with their audience. In most cases YouTubers show healthy food options. Some of them even run their channels with a certain theme, such as vegan, or vegetarian diet, weight loss or even gluten-free food products. Each ‘episode’ shows the recipe as well as the making process of a certain dish.

Entertainment and other

The entertainers run under a slightly different theme. They present various social groups and other social phenomena in a funny way, often mocking them. But it all depends on the topic as well as their years of work on YouTube and popularity. Many of them do sketches and other hilarious content for their audiences. There are also many YouTube users showing their gameplay and doing reviews of the newest releases. Interestingly, one of the most popular channels on the YouTube platform is owned by a gamer, who does a lot of games-related content. Another big hit on YouTube are kids channels, showing the latest toys and doing all kinds of unboxings and taste-tests.

Beauty gurus

Equally popular topic on YouTube are beauty products. Users show off their shopping hauls, which include various makeup products, such as nail polishes, mascaras, eyeshadows or foundations and powders. The most popular vlogers are making lots of sponsored content with big brands (so-called brand deals) which includes getting free makeup products to try and even getting some cash. In the USA the amount of money can be very high, with up to a few thousand dollars. Then they make various tutorials and reviews, which show their audience how the products are applying to their face as well as whole make-up looks. Some beauty gurus receive so much PR packages from various brands that they are kindly giving them away for free to their faithful viewers.